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“ Mindset & Skills to List FSBO's with Matthew Ferry"
Matthew coaches 2 real estate professionals live on the hangout how to get over their fears to call FSBO.


Recorded Past Episodes 2015

Episode 8

“Overcoming Call Reluctance: Live Coaching with Matthew Ferry"
Matthew will help 2 real estate professionals live on the hangout to overcome reluctance that comes with calling leads, asking for referrals, and prospecting for new business.

Episode 7

“Working 4 Days a Week Selling 250 Homes" with special guest Bart Vickrey.

Episode 6

“How 25 year old Matt Templeton Will Go From 75 to Over 150 Deals".

Episode 5

“How to Build a Sustainable Real Estate Business” with special Guest Greg Harrelson.
Learn how to build a business that will be sustainable through all markets.


Recorded Past Episodes 2015

Episode 4

“60 to 120 Deals with Realtor Tom Nickley” with special Guest Greg Harrelson.
Learn how returning guest 2nd year agent Tom Nickley Will Go From 60 to 120 Deals.


Episode 3

“10X ROI - Virtual Assistant Seller Lead Generation” with special Guest Mark Martin.

Year to Date he spent $12,000 on prospecting and generated $112,500 in pipeline GCI.


Episode 2

“Leverage Listings to Triple Your Business” with special Guest Brad Korn.

We're EXCITED to interview Brad Korn, a top agent from Kansas City, MO. He has been in real estate for over 25 years. Last year his team, consisting of Brad, his wife, and an assistant, did over 100 transactions.


Episode 1

"Team Building Skills: From 80 to 425 Deals in 3 Years" with Special Guest Jeff Cohn.

Jeff who set the all time sales record in Nebraska for number of units sold in 2014 - $72.7 million in volume at an average sales price of $180,000 - earning him the award of #1 top selling real estate team in Nebraska.


Recorded Past Episodes 2014

Episode 13

Special guest Buddy Blake Shares "How to Convert More Home Valuation Leads Into Listings"

Learn how to convert more home evaluation leads into listings and leverage them to get referrals..



Episode 12

Special guest Bill Jenkins Shares "How to Set More Appointment & Take More Listings"

Learn how Bill sets a listing appointment with 3 out 10 people he contacts.



Episode 11

Special guest Matthew Ferry Shares "How to Train Your Mind to Do More Deals"

Matthew specializes in helping agents have major break-thru’s in their business and their life challenges.

Episode 10

Mark Martin Shares "How to Convert More Zillow & Trulia Leads Into Sales"

Mark Martin has been a real estate agent in Austin, TX since 2000. He and his partner spend about $3,500 a month on Zillow & Trulia leads and earn over $22,000 a month from them (not bad, eh?). This is a 600% ROI.

Episode 9

Special guest Greg Harrelson Shares "How to Create a Top Producing Agent from Scratch"

* You’ll learn exactly what Greg teaches his agents to do DAY ONE when they start.
* Where to get phone numbers and what scripts to use to make calls.
* How to build your database when you don’t know anyone in your market
* The proven plan to build your business from NOTHING to $200,000 GCI.
* How to do all this without spending a DIME buying leads.

Episode 8

Special guest Dirk Zeller Shares "Shares How to Double Online Conversion Rates"

* The biggest MISCONCEPTIONS about internet buyer & seller lead generation
* How to overcome the biggest challenge converting leads to appointments
* The 4 core strategies you must use for every buyer & seller lead
* How to set up a long term sales strategy to maximize every lead
* Mistakes agents commonly make in their goals, objectives, and approach

Episode 6

Special Guest Jeff Quintin shares "How He Manages 90 Listings & Sells 200+ Homes a Year".  Jeff runs the #1 real estate team in South New Jersey (Jersey Shore Area) and has been selling real estate for over 22 years. He started at 18 years old calling people in the phone book asking if they wanted to buy or sell a home.

Episode 5

Special Guest Ben Kinney shared "How He Built a Real Estate Team to Sell 600 Homes".  Ben is a professional speaker, real estate trainer & author. He also owns multiple Keller Williams Realty Franchises that includes 800+ agents in seven locations.

Episode 4

Las Vegas real estate agent and Tom Ferry coach, Bill Jenkins shares "How to Hired & Train a Virtual Assistant to Set 40+ Appointments a Month" with FSBO's, Expired's, Just Listed, and buyer leads for a low flat hourly rate.


Episode 3

Brand new real estate agent Tom Nickley shares how he is going to sell 60 properties his first year in the business. He will also share how he had 4 escrows, 1 closing, took 2 listings and was working with 12 buyers his first 7 weeks in the business.



Episode 2

Greg Harrelson shares how to get more business working your database by getting them to engage in your content. Greg's Team closes over 1400 transactions a year & they attribute over 600 of them due to their content marketing to their database.

Aired Live Thursday, June 19 2014


Episode 1

Todd Tramonte shares how he gets 7.5% commissions by offering world class service and getting higher prices for his sellers. This is a must watch if you want to learn how to give better service and get higher commissions.