Doubling Her GCI & Net Profit in 1 Year using Real Geeks w/ Stephanie Jones

In this episode of Keeping It Real we hear from Stephanie Jones and guest-host Todd Tramonte. Stephanie is a solo agent in Northern Michigan who is killing it right now!

Hear how she doubled her GCI by using Real Geeks for just one year! Stephanie will be speaking at the Unofficial Real Geeks User conference going even deeper into how she’s been able to grow her business using Real Geeks.

The Unofficial Real Geeks User Conference 2022, hosted by Todd Tramonte’s Real Estate Growth Systems, will be a gathering of over 300 real estate agents, team leaders, brokers, and owners from all over North America. They will share their best practices and lessons learned in growing and scaling a successful real estate business.

The Unofficial Real Geeks User Conference 2022 in Dallas, TX, is only a few weeks away on October 18-20, 2022! For tickets and more information, go to

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