Working On Your Business Instead of In Your Business w/ Todd Tramonte

In this episode of Keeping it Real with Todd Tramonte of We will discuss how taking a step back to learn about business can provide more efficiency, working smarter, and the upcoming Unofficial Real Geeks User Conference.

The Unofficial Real Geeks User Conference 2022, hosted by Todd Tramonte’s Real Estate Growth Systems, will be a gathering of over 300 real estate agents, team leaders, brokers, and owners from all over North America. They will share everything from their best practices to lessons learned to grow and scale a successful real estate business.

The Unofficial Real Geeks User Conference 2022 will gather live in person in Dallas, TX, on October 18-20, 2022! For tickets and more information go to Get a FREE DOWNLOAD of

Todd’s Ideal ON vs. IN your business Residential Real Estate Professional Calendar: