Turning New Year’s Resolutions Into New Year’s Actions

In this episode of “Keeping It Real” host Frank Klesitz discusses how you can transform real estate and CRM goals for 2022 into real-life results with special guests Brendan Bartic and Todd Tramonte.

The Importance of New Year’s Resolutions and Actions in the Post-pandemic Real Estate Space

The world has changed drastically because of COVID-19. Many major changes have taken place in the real estate industry. Learn how you can take concrete steps and decisive actions to adjust to the post-pandemic changes through the New Year’s resolutions and actions of Brendan and Todd.

Culture First: From Resolution to Action

Brendan shares what he learned in 2021 after he and his real estate team initially built on the wrong fundamental structure by focusing on productivity: “Culture first… The big thing I learned this year is: If you don’t have the culture, you can have the best, most aggressive agents on earth, you’re not gonna get very far.”

As a result, he and his team now resolved to prioritize culture moving forward. He emphasizes their new goals: “We follow our three Ps: People, Progression, and Philanthropy.” He applies these principles by changing which attitudes and behaviors they allow and don’t allow among their team members. He also provides more creative options to both buyers and sellers so they can find a suitable solution for their needs.

Brendan educates himself to become a better leader so he can inspire his team to become better real estate agents.

Voice of Reason: From Resolution to Action

Todd shares what he learned in 2021: “How absolutely overwhelmed our client is.” He explains that he observed that many people felt confused and exhausted after hearing different messages from different sources during this pandemic in the real estate field and beyond.

That’s why he and his real estate team aim to be the voice of reason and clarity in 2022. He plans to achieve this goal by tailoring their message to give clients reassurance and reliability. He offers simple, straightforward solutions to their real estate needs amid the overwhelming factors in real estate transactions.

Todd also realized the power of onsite work interactions. He fosters mutual trust in the company by working shoulder-to-shoulder with his team every day.

His resolutions align with his overall work inspiration: “The only reason I’m building a business is to have a life of purpose and impact. A life that actually matters, that I’m proud of.”

Transform Your New Year’s Resolutions Into New Year’s Actions With the Help of Real Geeks

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