Top 10 Real Estate Objections Answered w/ Jeff Glover

Would you like to know what to say to address today’s most common seller concerns?

In this episode of Keeping it Real, we speak to the #1 real estate agent in Michigan, Jeff Glover.

We made a list of the top 10 seller concerns for this Spring 2022 market (which you’ll need accurate answers to) when asking for an appointment or a signed listing contract.

You’ll get the answers to questions like…

Why do I need to pay a real estate agent in this hot market?

Why can’t I just sell my home myself?

Why can’t I just pay you to bring me a buyer?

Where will I move when there’s not much for sale?

Other real estate agents are willing to take less.

I want to hire a friend or family member to sell my home.

We need to finish a few projects before we put it on the market.

And more…

If you want to know the answers working on the phones and at listing presentations, in this market, come join us for this week’s Keeping it Real with your host Frank Klesitz.

We give Jeff all the objections, and he answers them – be prepared to take a lot of notes!