“I’m Sick of Selling Houses! How Can I Build Wealth?” w/ Linda McKissack

Our guest Linda McKissack was arguably the first real estate agent to stop selling houses as a lone rainmaker. She built a real estate team when the concept was foreign to the industry and invested the proceeds into rental property and brokerages to build a multi-million-dollar passive income stream.

Today, she owns over 110 long-term rental properties, 16vacation rentals in Branson Mo., 6 commercial buildings, 4 real estate franchises… and it all started from building one successful real estate business with the power of leverage.

You’ll learn on this show…

  • The change in thinking it takes to build wealth vs. income in real estate sales
  • The day Linda decided to never go on a listing appointment again
  • The first key hires Linda made as she stepped out f her production role
  • How she bought rental property at scale (while still running a real estate team)
  • Her decision to invest in her first brokerage; and how she expanded to several more

If you’re interested in “What’s Next” beyond selling homes for a one-time commission. This will be a smart business discussion on the “air-game” it takes to build real estate assets (brand, database, systems, people, culture, rental property, etc) to complement the “ground work” of earning commissions to pay for your lifestyle while investing the difference in passive income streams.