How to Generate Seller Leads in Low Inventory Market w/ Lisa Chinatti

We are excited to welcome back one of our favorite guests, Lisa Chinatti, for this episode of Keeping It Real. Lisa is a top producer based in Westford, MA, with over ten years of Real Estate experience. We are also joined by Jason Posnick, the Sales Manager for the Chinatti Realty Group and has an enormous passion for developing others, solving problems, and conveying positivity into people’s lives.

The market is hot right now, and we see a lot of areas with low inventory. Lisa gives you her tips and shares what she and her team are doing to maintain their seller lead flow.

Lisa and Jason break down the most effective approaches to 5 different lead sources and how to create a plan that meets your needs regardless of which market you are in.

Join host Frank Klesitz, CEO of Viral Marketing, as he, Lisa, and Jason dive into generating new seller leads today. If you are looking for a way to generate more seller leads, you will want to check this one out and take notes!