How to Convert More Online Buyer and Seller Leads to Appointments w/ Anna Krueger

The majority of leads in real estate don’t automatically convert into appointments or sales. Most of the time, they just end up stuck somewhere in the conversion funnel. If you want to get them out of the funnel, a bit of help is necessary.

In this episode of Keeping It Real Anna Krueger shares some of her tips to learn how to successfully turn leads into appointments.

Tips to Convert Seller Leads to Appointments

Here are some tips that can help turn a seller lead into an appointment:

Keep the Seller on the Phone

The problem is most seller leads don’t expect to be called and would often brush you off. When the seller says they’re busy, follow this 3-step process:

1.    Pattern your greeting with gratitude, saying, “I’m glad you told me.”

2.    Ask them when it’s better to call back.

3.    Ask them, “Hey, what’s got you thinking about moving?”

Asking these questions usually earn you a response, which you can use in turn the next time you call them. The most important thing here is to keep them talking even though they said they were busy. Why? Because if they were actually busy, they would ask you to call some other day.

Maximize Chances of Sellers Answering the Phone

How can you do this? Here’s what a Harvard study says, “If you call a new lead six times in six days, once a day for six days, you have a ninety percent chance of them picking up the phone or calling you back.” Most agents found they often just needed to call twice. In this sense, you simply need to be tenacious and keep calling the lead until they pick up.

 Use SMS and Email

In addition to calling six times in six days, take advantage of text messages and email. You don’t need any lengthy email newsletter for this – just a blank one with a single subject line that says: “I left you a voicemail.” Just this, and you can already get tons of calls back.

Use Voicemail

The goal of the email is to get them to listen to the voicemail you sent, which is a more personalized way of telling them your purpose. There are two strategies you can utilize here, which are:

1.    Don’t leave a voicemail –  The first call you leave, don’t leave a voicemail. Many of them will call back out of curiosity. 

2.    Leave a voicemail –  The structure is to tell them about the benefit of your team and a specific time to call you back. Create different voicemails about this, and you can increase the chance of them calling back.

Personalized, One-on-One Video

Another strategy you can’t miss is the use of videos. You can insert it into the emails as a visual version of the voicemail. One tip is to call each lead by their name, which calls on their emotions and makes them feel closer.

According to Anna Krueger in her real estate class BOLD, “Logic makes people think, emotion makes people act.” This shows that if you know the seller’s emotional reason for moving, you can make them act way more than simply telling them the logical stuff.


There are many other strategies you can utilize to turn your real estate leads into an appointment. However, really the most critical key is to hold onto their motivation. When you know what made the seller want to move, then you’ll know the right words to convince them.

If you want to turn your leads into appointments, it’s crucial to have the right platform to track them all. Such software is vital in scoring leads, nurturing leads, optimizing conversion rate, engaging customers, and more. One of the best ones on the market today is Real Geeks, which is an all-in-one real estate solution.