8 to 250 Deals in 2 Years with Lisa Chinatti

Join us on the next Keeping it Real “8 to 250 Deals in 2-years” with Lisa Chinatti of Westford, MA.

We dive deep into Lisa’s journey to find out how she will close 250 deals this year! In 2015, Lisa was a part-time agent, full-time mother and sold 8 homes. The following year, in 2016, she hired an assistant and got serious with her business and sold 82 homes, and $700k in GCI.

As of today, she has over 150 homes with approximately $1.3M in GCI closed and pending. She is well on her way to hitting her goal of selling $2M in GCI by the end of the year. She will share all the ways she’s generating business from follow-up, to team structure, and much more!