The Truth About Lead Quality

In this episode, “The Truth About Lead Quality”, Greg, Jeff, and Frank dive in deep about lead quality and how to convert more leads into sales!

Here are a few things we cover:

– How your mindset affects your conversion rate
– How “quick you respond” will determine the quality of the lead
– How often you should follow-up to get higher conversions
– How you’re communicating makes a huge difference
– What you’re saying could be the difference between converting or not
– Why listening and asking follow-up questions is so important
– And much more!

Here are some timestamps to help you navigate through the episode: 

00:00:49 Introduction to today’s Keeping It Real topic
00:03:28 How speed-to-lead affects lead quality
00:05:35 Three factors in associating a cost to a lead
00:11:15 How to stay on top of lead follow up and speed-to-lead recommendations
00:16:35 The role mindset plays in your conversion rate
00:21:37 What is more important on a call, how you are communicating or what you are saying?
00:24:00 Advice to a single agent that would like to increase their response time
00:28:15 How many times should you call a lead before you move on?
00:30:50 Double dial text method
00:32:25 Greg and Jeff’s thoughts on incomplete contact information
00:38:45 Questions and dialogue you can use to measure lead quality
00:42:40 How many sellers are there in the online buyer leads?
00:48:38 How to make consecutive attempts and still sound sincere 
00:53:50 Where will the real estate industry be in five years?