How to Hire Virtual Assistants for Your Real Estate Team w/ Dave Friedman

Dave Friedman in Charleston sold 400+ homes last year with a very efficient and profitable team model. He sets the majority of the appointments for his agents and handles all their administrative work.

Agents on his team simply show up to their pre-scheduled appointments and negotiate the contract to acceptance (only 7% of his business last year came from agent-generated leads). This role specialization gives him an incredible amount of control in his business; and provides the best service to his clients.

To afford all this, he outsourced much of his administrative work to 8 people in India for $3-5 an hour. This helped him “lever up” his in-house managers who communicate directly with the client – while keeping his office space footprint small and flexible.

His virtual assistant team handles routine tasks such as ordering photos, ordering staging, putting it all in the MLS, notifying the runner, scheduling the closing date, dealing with all the appointments during the contract-to-close process, and more. They essentially execute his well-documented listing and transaction checklist.

There’s no way, Dave says, he could provide 5-star service at a competitive commission rate hiring the same 7 support staff in Charleston. HisZillow reviews reflect the quality of service he’s able to deliver with all the extra help at these affordable rates.

If you’re interested in learning how to get your administrative costs down by hiring virtual assistants, join us to learn the ins-and-outs of it all. You’ll learn where to hire VA’s, what to say in the job ads, and how to hire and manage effectively (it’s not much different than in the states).

You’ll also learn why Dave did not open a brokerage, rather he stuck with the team model to remain profitable and competitive.